Operation Blackout Part 1

Howdy penguins, as you know may Gary captured by Herbet and his pal Klutzy the crab! So today is the operation blackout, it’s gonna be awesome! So here’s how it works, when you login to club penguin the message pop in!

If you here for the first day of operation blackout, click on operation blackout tab #1! Check out these 2 cool new costumes that you should be able to disguise yourself as Klutzy or Herbert!

To get in, you must wear klutzy costume if your non member or everyone, or you can wear a herbet costume for member penguins only!

And here there’s a access puzzle room!

This mission will be easy for you all! Complete the puzzle mission!

Once you have finish the mission, your security clearance level is 1, that mean’s you complete the operation blackout part 1! Pretty easy huh!

Check out this room, it’s like a top secret mission were they planning on to stop Herbert from capturing Gary!

Check out the new catalog on right bottom!

Check out these tube teleports!

If you wanna see more operation’s blackout part 1 thru 6 you may be look on your operation blackout file! So what do you think of this festival is it cool or what? Comment and let us know!


By sherman98penguin

Club Penguin New Pin!

Howdy penguins, today im gonna post a new pin and where to locate! First go to the boiler room which is located to the dance club on the right speaker! And there you have it!


By sherman98penguin

I’m back at blogging!

Howdy penguins, I’m back at blogging about club penguin since pandanda is closing forever! I will keep blogging about it and make some guides and stuff that are coming soon! Stay tune!


By sherman98penguin

Club penguin Viking ship, Green puffle, and Black Puffle, Pins tracker

Howdy penguins. Here’s how to find viking ship pin, green puffle pin, and black puffle pin!

Lets start off Viking ship pin

1. Go to Plaza on map

2. Go to the stage

3. Walk on the stage and there it is

Green puffle pin

1. Go to the Dojo on map on top of the mountain

2. Go inside the dojo Courtyard

3. There it is

3. Black puffle pin

1. Go to mine shack

2. Go inside the recycle bin

3. Here it is


By sherman98penguin

Club penguin New message from Protobot

Howdy penguins. I just got a message from EPF and that evil protobot send me a message and he says:

Wow that’s so eviler thanks to protobot >_<  well I have to play system defender and it was awesome and fun. What do you think of this message?!


By sherman98penguin

The Future of Puffles

Howdy penguin’s. The puffle party is awesome so next year there will be new stuff in club penguin so billybob posted here’s what he wrote:

Awesome I love the idea Billy. So penguins what do you think



By sherman98penguin

Club Penguin New message from EPF

Howdy penguins I just got a new message from director while I just got into sleet server so I click the EPF Phone so here it is:

Ok the director in EPF says “Herbert – you will need to try harder if you want to scratch the EPF. Our agents are incredibly skilled, and prepared for anything. Should Herbert be a agent team or herbert  staying evil find out soon.



By sherman98penguin

Welcome to my club penguin blog

Howdy everyone welcome to sherman’s club penguin blog I hope someone could visited my blog in the future and im under construction more guides coming soon and more news so I be very happy  I made a guide called How to become a ninja so its on top of a header =D. Here’s a picture of me for introduction



By sherman98penguin